New Student Enrollment
Account Request
This form is the first step to enrolling your new student online. Complete it to request an account that you will use to log in to a secure system.
Complete required fields to request an account to enroll your student(s).
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Email Address Option
Using an email address will create a Skyward Family Access account after the registration process is completed. Skyward Family Access will allow you to monitor student grades, discipline, and attendance throughout the school year. 
No Email Address Option
If you do not have an email address, you will be asked to create your own login user name. Please write this user login down as you will be asked for it again when logging into the actual Skyward registration program. If you lose this login and code, please contact the Student Services Office at 817-598-2803.
Either option will generate a password and then provide a link to the registration site.
If you receive an error message when creating your account, please call your child’s school to receive assistance.  Parents/Guardians who are former Weatherford ISD students may still have a student Skyward account preventing a new parent Skyward account from generating.
Enter the name of the legal parent/guardian of the student you want to enroll
Guardian contact information
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